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Simply Protecting your Business

We believe in simplifying IT. Indeo's CloudNexus Backup-as-a-Service enables its customers to automatically backup heterogenous file servers, databases, virtual machines, mail servers as well as work stations.

CloudNexus answers real business needs helping you to reduce costs and man hours spent on administration giving you more time to focus on your core business.

Coupled with the service is Indeo's Front-safe TSM portal which gives you a single point of access for provisioning and managing your coprorate backups. The portal provides robust analytics so you can monitor trends in data growth. You can also configure notifications to keep informed about issues that can arise such as a missed backup schedule.

The technology used to store the data performs deduplication and uses incremental forever which means that only that data that has changed and that is not already on the server is transferred over the network. This provides tremendous savings in network bandwidth.

For customers with frequently changing data, backup cycles can be as often as every 2 hours to ensure that your most recent data is always recoverable.

Your data is kept secure at rest using strong AES encryption and SSL as your data moves from your network to the cloud. Indeo's CloudNexus servers are located in Finland which is ideal for domestic companies with geo-sensitive data requirements.

For customers with a backup solution in their data center, Cloud Nexus can also serve as a remote disaster recovery site. This is a very cost effective manner of ensure that your data is recoverable should the worst happen.

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For Businesses
Best of breed backup tools offered as a service. No licensing costs, less complexity, increased scalability. Pay for what you use, not for what you might want to use in the future.
For Hosting Providers
Offer your customers added value with offsite secondary DR capabilities, remote backup capabilities and archiving in heterogenous environments over easy-to-use webportal interface. Built in provisioning and chargeback models provided.
For IT Service Providers
Help your customers reduce licensing costs and manage backups thorugh easy-to-use webportal. For added value, you can provide near rel-time reports and easy service models on recoveries.
For ISV's
Learn how to leverage CloudNexus BaaS as a complimentary offer for your customers with application specific end-point backups; managed from a webportal and backed up in Finnish DC cloud storage.