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ILMT Service

Are you an IBM Passport Advantage customer?
Are you using PVU based, Sub-Capacity licensing?
Are you aware of your reporting obligations?

Software audits are on the rise; IBM claims compensation for any unlicensed software discovered and back maintenance up to two previous years. For Sub-Capacity customers, it is especially important to note that failure to report and produce documentation (stored for a minimum of 2 years) on your PVU usage will result in paying for full capacity with possible back maintenance.

What is required?

Installation and use of the IBM License Metric Tool (ILMT) is a contractually mandatory requirement for IBM clients licensed for IBM sub-capacity (also called virtualization capacity) products. For more information, see the passport advantage agreement.

That is all you need to know – leave the rest to us!

You don’t have to worry about installing and deploying ILMT – we can do that for you. We have created three different service options for your convenience to choose for your ILMT deployment:

• ILMT Deployment
   o ILMT server installation
   o ILMT server configuration
   o ILMT connectivity
   o ILMT agent deployment

• ILMT Managed Service
   o Deployment
   o Administration
   o Reporting

• ILMT as a Service
   o ILMT hosting
   o ILMT managed service